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Vastu Shashtra for Home - www.VastuTips.com Personal style and freedom of expression are driving forces in today's home design. Decorate means to beautify and is derived from a French word meaning the same. Yet while beautiful, self-expressive homes are wonderful, interior designers and architects have a growing responsibility to create healthy, accessible, and environmentally sensitive spaces.

Home decor is a pretty broad category, consequently, the best way to refer to home decor is to give some examples of the items that constitute home décor. How these design professionals address these issues will transform how tomorrow's homes look and function.

When decorating a room, there are many things to think about. Space planning, flooring, lighting, furniture, and window treatments are just a few. You'll find interesting information here about how to incorporate all of the elements of décor into your decorating project and use them to the best advantage for your space. The décor refers to different kids of patterns of design like formal décor, contemporary décor, traditional décor and modern décor.

Formal Home Décor

Vastu Shashtra for Home - www.VastuTips.com
• When formal décor comes in mind, we automatically refer to period homes The formal décor is also a space that is livable and comfortable. Some additional guidelines to follow include:
•Tall windows, heavy window treatments, fire places and large mirrors are specifically used in this kind of décor.
• To create a formal setting, you need to keep both lines and symmetry in mind.
• The furniture would be arranged in a straight line inside the room and in most cases, furniture and accessories would be arranged in pairs.
• Cloth are generally used on the walls.
• The surfaces of furniture, floors, mirrors, and light fixtures would be polished to a bright shine with high gloss.
• The fabrics used for bedspreads, pillows, couches, and window treatments are very luxurious and rich.
• The use of rugs, oil paintings and crystal chandeliers are typical characteristics. Casual Home décor.
• This particular style is very inviting and easy to maintain so very good for working family members.
• The casual style has generally textured patterns and fabric is always soft.
• The perfect symmetry is never there, instead there are gentle curves and rectangular shapes.
• The furniture is arranged in diagonal lines.
• The floors are generally wooden.
• The lightning fixture are very unusual kinds, may be a mixture of steel, iron, glass.

Rustic Home décor

Vastu Shashtra for Home - www.VastuTips.com
• This type of décor provides interest to a home while creating unique texture and warmth. Rustic décor provides sophistication, charm and trend.
• The fireplaces with polished logs and antique finish is characteristic feature of this décor.
• The furniture is highly textured and only few pieces should be put in a room.
• The pillows and cushions are necessary and they should be in rust, copper or burgundy colour.
• Rustic décor can be done by using garden benches or oak dining , ladder back chairs.
• The paintings are also particularly that of baskets of pine cones or landscape photo.