Vastu For Temple

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Vastu Shashtra for Temlpe -

We find that some temples are progressive and some continue to have declining status and mishaps. The non adherance to temple vastu can be a major reason in the state of affairs. The following are some salient points

The principal shrine should face the rising sun and so should have its entrance to the east. From the east appears the rising sun, the destroyer of darkness. The sun is the giver of life. It brings joy and happiness and is the watchful eye of the "Cosmic Being."

The vastu shastra states that a building with improper proportions and wrong orientation will create an environment which is conducive to disturbances like disease, death and destruction, and may be inhabited by subtle entities with envious and deceitful natures. Exceptions are allowed in cases with proximity to mountains , lakes and rivers. The Siva idol can face West and Vishnu always to East.